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Fanmix : Sam/Dean - 'Tell Me Where To Go From Here.'

I wanted to get this out by today and I'm glad I accomplished my goal. I've always wanted to make a Sam/Dean mix but never had the time. But here it is. It's a mix of a lot of genres and probably music the brothers would hate and never listen to. BUT THAT'S OK WITH ME.

Some of these songs are about Season 4 and the rift in the relationship it caused. But a lot of these songs are positive about the relationship and how dependent they are on each other and almost each other's other halves - kinda like soul mates. (Made a post about it here, fyi.)

Tell Me Where To Go From Here - A Sam/Dean Mix

**All links are Mediafire links. If they don't work, please let me know and I'll fix them/upload them somewhere else.**

Download the full .zip file mix including album art - here

I'm too lazy to link the individual songs. Here's the link to the MediaFire folder they're in.

Kiss With a Fist - Florence and the Machine
My black eye casts no shadow
Your red eye sees no pain
Your slaps don't stick
Your kicks don't hit
So we remain the same

Lie to Me - 12 Stones
Why'd you have to up and run away
A million miles away
I wanna close my eyes and make believe
That I never found you

Just when I put my guard away
It's the same old story
You left me broken and betrayed
It's the same old story

All For You - Our Lady Peace
So I can’t turn my back on him
He's apart of me
He’d buy me anything
But I just need a friend

If This Is Goodbye - Lifehouse
And time heals
But these scars keep on tearing us apart
And sometimes ending is the only place to start
If you and I are going under
Maybe we can both recover

Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars
The promises we made were not enough
The prayer that we prayed were like a drug
The secret that we sold were never known
The love we had the love had we had to let it go.

Bigger - Backstreet Boys
All the messed up things I do
Yeah I swear I'll make'em up to you
Before you go and have enough
Just let me make it better
I'll try to measure up to you

I Did It For You - David Cook
You turn away
From all those things
That I've been trying to say
And all those promises
I shouldn't have made
I did it for you

Judas - Kelly Clarkson
Had your back on everything
Never let you down
You turned around betrayed your only brother

Forgetting me,
you took things in your hands and left me out
After we'd been through so much,
how could you let me down?

Doomsday - Murray Gold
(This song was playing in my head all through season 5, especially during Two Minutes Til Midnight and Swan Song.)

Search & Destroy - 30 Seconds to Mars
Sold my soul, from heaven into hell
Sick as my secrets, but never going to tell
Lock the blame, burden of my dreams
Cause of faith in a blessing I believe

Now Comes the Night - Rob Thomas
When the fog has finally lifted
From my cold and tired brow
No I will not leave you crying
And I will not let you down
No I will not let you down
I will not let you down

Through These Times - Lifehouse
There was a time
When I'd rather run away
If there was a place to hide
That's where you'd find me today
But there was nowhere to run
No one else to face but myself
You don't have to tell me I'm wrong

If you like the mix and/or the art along with it, I encourage you to please watch this community! :D Enough rambling. Get grooving! ♥

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Love the cover art, and the mix looks great. :D