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033. 33 Icons

This is my first batch since January. I haven't opened Paint Shop Pro since then to make icons. So I'm a bit rusty and these are a bit rough. I'm trying out new techniques, tricks, and adjustment layers and seeing how they look. I'm proud of a few of them. I'm working on lots more so I'll try to keep a regular update here for the near future. :)

33 Supernatural including:
12: '99 Problems'
21: 'Point of No Return'


; comments are greatly appreciated ♥
; credit andfairytales/skyisfalling, no hotlinking
; please don't edit the icons
; please watch this community to keep up with the updates if you like what you see



If you are interested, I've been posting some of my work on my Tumblr account - If you have an account there, please feel free to take a look and follow me. I'll follow back. :)
Tags: tv: supernatural
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