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030. 35 Icons

I've been fooling around with the adjustment layers in Paint Shop Pro since I received some much-needed concrit and started using Brightness/Contrast and Levels with my graphics. I really like how most of these new icons came out. I'm somewhat proud of this batch because I think I actually like a lot of them. I hope you all like them as well. :)

35 icons including:
5 Secret Diary of a Call Girl - season 2
24 Supernatural - assorted season 3
6 True Blood - season 2; mainly Eric


; comments are greatly appreciated ♥
; credit andfairytales/skyisfalling, no hotlinking
; please don't edit the icons
; please watch this community to keep up with the updates if you like what you see

Secret Diary of a Call Girl


True Blood
Tags: tv: secret diary of a call girl, tv: supernatural, tv: true blood
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